Airport connected to Linksys router

I have evaluated this software successfully on my intranet. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. But I have been unable to connect from outside.I feel like I’ve tried everything. I followed all instructions. The problem I assume is originating from the Linksys router BEFSR41.

I set up a manual IP address for the airport of which is outside of the DHCP range of the linksys.

I set up port forwarding on the linksys for 5900 - 5902 to forward to I also forwarded port 22 for SSH to

On the airport, I set up port forwarding for 5900-5902 to forward to, the static IP address setup for the computer to be viewed.
Again, everything works fine on the Intranet.

So, I try to connect to my IP address ( but I just cannot connect; it’s being refused. And yes, I’ve disabled the internal firewall for ports 5900-5902, and enabled remote login port 22 on the computer to be viewed.

My evaluation period is over in 2 days and if I cannot connect from outside then I cannot purchase this product. I’ve checked the forum and wonder if other people have a problem with essentially trying to go through 2 routers (Linksys and Airport).

I also don’t think that I should need to enable DMZ.

Please help!

OK, I enabled DMZ on the Linksys router for the Airport static IP address.

But since I opened ports 5900-5902, I don’t understand why this would be necessary.

I’m thinking that the Airport has built-in firewall protection anyways, but should I be nervous about enabling DMZ?

Thank you.

You are correct that you should NOT need DMZ, proper port forwarding will be enough.

First just to clarify, if you are using the “Secure Connection (SSH)” then you need Remote Login enabled and port 22 forwarded all the way through (but nothing else). If you are not using that then you need port 590x forwarded all the way through (but nothing else). I would do one or the other, but not both.

I think you are correct that the most likely problem is that you are getting through the Linksys (you described a proper setup) but then the traffic is stopping at the Airport and not being forwarded on to your machine. You didn’t mention a forward of port 22 from your Airport to your machine, that will also required if you are attempting to connect with SSH.

Hopefully that helps.

I think I see your problem (at least in the pictures you sent) – on the Linksys device you have entered the port forwarding but not checked “Enabled” that turns that rule on.