Adderlink Setup

I’m having problems getting a usable connection to our Adderlink Ipeps. It is a new one straight out of the box. When I connect with Eggplant I get a very poor redraw rate and cannot get the mouse to calibrate correctly. The built in Adderlink buttons at the top of the screen are very slow to respond too. I then tried the Java VNC Viewer built into the Adderlink on the same SUT and the connection was very usable. Is there a guide on the best settings to get the most out of the Ipeps connection? The SUT is a XP workstation.

Adam Greb

Hi Adam–

First I would recommend the basics, ie, update the firmware if an update is available. Also, which version of Eggplant are you running?

I would also go into the Advanced Unit Configuration Screen and set the background refresh rate to Fast and see if that makes a difference.

I will send you an email offline to give you my contact information.