Adderlink IPKVM

Hi people,

We rely heavily on the IPKVM/Built in VNC connection as we dont have permissions to RDP onto the majority of the SUTS, or install any software onto the SUT such as end user VNC software.

I was just wondering if anyody uses any other types of KVM as opposed to the Adderlink IPKVM, we like the product due to the built in VNC but there does not seem to be much else on the market and we are experiencing consistency problems, possibly due to a mixture of the SUT/IPKVM/VNC connectivity.

Any help or advice is always appreciated,


Hi Dan,

We also have customers using Startech IP KVMs, but I’ll leave it to those users to discuss their personal experiences.


We have had actually had a bit of a eureka moment this week.

We have found that when you slow the mouse click delay and the mouse move speed to almost the slowest user speed (0.08 MCDelay and 5 MMSpeed), it works increasingly better.

Although these settings mimic the slowest user of a mouse, they do suit our needs and the repeatability factor increases significantly on our slooow SUT.