Add a "Skip" button near "Step Into/Over/Out&

When I debug my script using the “Step Into/Over/Out” buttons I’m sometimes missing the option to skip a certin code that I know will not work, but doesn’t stop me from debugging.

For exmaple:
I got to a point where the script WaitFor a certin image, and I know this image have changed since I last captured it, but I forgot to re-capture it before I started to debug. Since I know if will fail, I would like to simply skip this WaitFor command run and continue with the rest of the script.

Now, when I get to such a point - I have to stop the run, and re-start it from that point, or marking the code that won’t work as a comment and start all over.

I would be happy to have the option to simply skip this code during the debug.

Hello Karin,

You have a great idea, and will be reviewed by engineering for consideration in future releases.

Thank you very much for your thoughts, and I hope we can continue to count on your great input and suggestions.