ADBCall with pull for 120 MB file just transfers 7 MB

I invoke in a script an ADBCall pulling a (zipped) result file from the android phone that is now 120 MB big. The call needs only around 4 s and does not complain anything.
But only 7 MB are transferred, therefore the zip file is corrupt.
The output of the ADBCall is collected and logged - and it is always empty.

With smaller files it works and worked for several hundred times - and the collected output is always empty too.
(I call the script with the ADBCall via runscript in an automated build environment under Windows 7).

When I invoke the adb -s pull command on a regular Windows command line console, it works also with the 120 MB file, but takes at least one minute.
The output is also written…
(I use the same ADB binary like eggplant functional )

Why is the ADBCall(…pull…) aborted before the whole file is transferred without any error message?

(I had another similar issue with ADBCall(… shell ls -R…))

Can you please post your exact ADB call and give us as much information as you can about your Operating System.