Active Keyboard Work Around

I need to automate an area that you can only use a keyboard icon. I have turbo captured the letters and numbers needed to be typed in. Turbo capture does not work really well to play back for automation. Is there any other work around that you would suggest. I cannot attach the image as it is from a secure environment.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There is usually a fair amount of cleanup involved in turbo capture, but I have found it to work pretty well. I’m assuming you are referring to an on-screen keyboard like for a tablet or something. You could consider using the coordinates of the keys instead of images. click [12,34] That’s a little dangerous though because you don’t really know for sure if you’re clicking what you want. And of course, it doesn’t test the keyboard itself.
If you are allowed by your security you could probably ctrl+v everything in using set the remoteclipboard to “XXX”.
Too many questions about what you are trying to do to be able to offer very good advice. Sorry.

You could also capture one image of the whole keyboard and move the hotspot around too. click image:“xxx.png”,hotspot:[12,34] Or capture the keyboard and make a copy for each letter and number with the hotspot set to wherever you want.

Care to provide details on the problem(s) with turbo capture?

Hi there,
Why not use a search rectangle around the keyboard and then use the click text/image, searchRectangle("","","",""), may have to use it a few times or use a set of letters within the searchRectangle itself inside the click text/image call.

Hope this makes sense