activating the isight or other connected camera

is there any way to activate the i-sight camera at the VNC server site by using the VNC viewer and catch the picture?
and if there are some cameras connected to the mac at the server sight, could be activated and catch the picture from the view side?

i need detailed explanations please.


You’d need to have some software that activates the cameras, and you should be able to access it like anything else on your remote system.


You can simply open iChat and open the video window. Also, the Video menu has a function to take a snapshot.

I used to monitor my house with this method while I was away on vacation. I figured that it the computer was still there and on, the place hadn’t burned down or been completely ransacked.

After my house was recently burglarized, I got more serious about security. I paid US$50 for which uses the iSight to take time lapse or motion activated images and movies. I have it set to upload them to an offsite server in case the computer is taken. The best part is that it emails me with some snaps right away.

This software has a built-in server for monitoring and settings. I save the VNC sessions for other computer operations I need.

thanks for every body, i will follow your suggestion and sorry for late view and answers :smiley: