XML Output andp possibly an XSL stylesheet for nice display

We are implementing a main server that simply runs the scripts at scheduled times or on demand. It would be nice to have a nice XML format to the output this would allow me through XSL to format the output nicely and display the results on a web page or email them to whomever subscribes. And, just as important would be the ability to choose the location and even name of that output file. As we try to make your tools a more standard tool across all of our products these things will be required. Thanks

If you are interested in an XML format for your results, you can find some help here:


In regard to specifying the location of your results, you can specify this from the “Settings” tab of your suite.

I have a runtime only for this server, it does not seem I can get to settings. Is there a file I could hand edit somewhere to do the same thing? Thanks for the xml link, that is perfect.

You can manually edit the “SuiteInfo” file to specify your results location.

    EPVersionNumber = 1128;
    ResultsFolder = "/path/to/results/location/here";
    SuiteDescription = "";

This file can be edited with a text editor of your choice. But specifying a results location from the “Settings” tab of a suite would result in the same thing. Therefore, although you may not be able to access the “Settings” tab of a suite from a runtime only license, setting this location from the suite editor will affect the location of the results regardless of whether or not a script is executed from Eggplant’s CLI or from the GUI.

I worked on XSL sheets to parse out your XML outout fromt he directions you gave me. I created a Summary sheet, and a Report sheet with differing levels of details. They finish off being able to display all of this information, both on the website and in the emails which report the results of the Eggplant testruns. Thanks so much, once again. And, if any of you would like to use these XSLs just let me know. They are not earth shattering or anything but should be good enough, or at least a very good start.

Thanks, Alex, it would be great to see your files! You can post them here. If it won’t let you upload those files directly (the forum only accepts certain file types) you can post them as plain text (.txt) files or post them as a zipped archive. We’d love to see what you’ve done.

Here is both the summary and report

Something that might be of interest:
The XML and Tree functionality of SenseTalk is now available in the latest versions of eggPlant for Windows and Linux, as well as Mac (version 11.2 and later). So go download the latest version and enjoy it!