Writing the results to a result file.


  I have a master script and Subscripts/action scripts,my requirement is 

1.to write a result of each subscript into a result file at the end of each subscript.Which i can send to stake holders as a result after running the script.

2.Also i want to run the script from command line or have a batch file to initiate the script without opening eggplant tool.

Could anyone help me achieve this requirement?


Write the result to a file:

runWithNewResults myScript
put the status of the result after file "resultFile.txt"

There’s a section on “Running from the Command Line” in the eggPlant Reference manual. Basically it’s like this:

"c\:Program Files\Eggplant\runscript.bat" "\path	o	he\script.script"

There are options for passing parameters and specifying the connection information. See the documentation for more details.