WPF Testing With EggPlant

Please provide me with available content, that proves that there is enough support within EggPlant Test Automation Tool, to handle applications written in WPF using C#.

eggPlant works entirely through the visual interface and as such is completely technology agnostic. Whether you are testing something written in C# using WPF, something written in Java for Android, or something written in Cocoa using Objective-C it’s all scripted with the exact same approach.

Our best advice if you have doubts about your specific application is to request a trial license and see for yourself that if a user can test it then eggPlant can too.

To that I would add that we actually have customers who are using eggPlant to test advanced WPF applications. I’m not able to provide specifics, but one such application is hailed as “one the most polished, professional and immersive implementations of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) I’ve seen.”