Windows Vs Linux - Development Platforms

Hi there, we are considering doing an implementation of Eggplant for our testing shop, and were wondering what the benefits of using Linux over Windows for the development environment might be.

Pros and Cons would be very very helpful. Thanks!

On those two platforms the products are virtually identical from a functional standpoint. The Linux product has been out about a year longer and is therefore a bit more mature. If a problem is encountered with the product itself, the logging available on Linux is much more informative. Linux has more OS command-line functionality than Windows, so you can do more with SenseTalk’s shell() function, but that’s something most people never use. The menus and GUI controls in the application are currently rather “old school” in the Linux product (although we are hoping to change that in the not-too-distant future), whereas the Windows version uses standard Windows menus.

You can get a demo version of each and do your own comparison so that you can make an informed decision.