Windows verion eggplant- How to read from Excel file

I am total newbie. I am using Windows version of eggplant.
I wish to read data from excel files. I am finding it difficult to find a solution as most of the threads are for Applescripts which wont work on windows.

I dont want to save my input data to text file from excel first and then use it in my script. I wish to directly access excel file from the script.

Its kind of urgent.

Thanks and Regards

I think you’d probably need to do something with VB script like the code shown here:

I think you could trigger that via the shell command and either read the result of that or possibly modify the VB script to output a text file (sorry, might have to be done) and read that from the eggPlant script.

BTW, is there some reason that you can’t export to a text file first?

I am saving my content from excel to text file and then picking it up from there. Its working fine. :smiley:

Does any of your input data in the Excel file have double quotes? I was wondering how you handle the quotes since Microsoft doesn’t seem to convert cleanly the Excel file to a CSV file. Some of my test input data has quotes, but after converting to a CSV file, there are 4 additional double-quotes added to the string. I’ve been having to clean up the file after conversion. If you have a solution, please post it. Thanks.