Windows Client to Mac ox10.5 with Dual Displays

Kinda of a weird one, hope I am just overlooking something.

On my Mac I have dual Displays. Connecting from work with a windows client. Sometimes I forget to turn on Mirroring for my mac and when I do the Windows client connects to Display 1 which does not have any menus so I am stuck with what ever program is open on that display.

I have searched for hot keys to turn on mirroring, but no luck. I know the easiest thing is NOT to forget to turn on mirroring…but…

Any idea would be great thanks.


How about this: Right click (or command-click) on the desktop and select “Change Desktop Background…”. That will give you access to the System Preferences and from there you should (I think) be able to change the mirroring setting.

Great idea. One the left monitor the desktop and Screen Saver shows up, with the Show all button. On the right monitor, just the desktop picture. So no option to see all of the settings.

It looks like, I have to make sure I remember to turn on mirroring. Such a odd problem. I was hoping i just was missing something. Apple is not likely to overlook stuff like this.

I love, my mac, but, Apple really needs to give a system option to have the menu bar and finder on both displays.

Thanks for the idea.

Did a bit more investigation and found the suggestion that cmd-F1 will turn on mirroring. Don’t have a setup here to try it with.