Why is 'fix image' always grayed out?

As we are writing/running one of our Eggplant scripts we occassionally get a prompt pop up stating that it could not find our image and asking if we want to ope the ‘Image Doctor’. We open the image doctor to view the image it is looking for. We notice a problem in our image and we would like to fix ‘fix’ the image. (The problem in one case was that the cursor was included in the image and in the current state the cursor is not in the image). In the bottom right corner there is a ‘actions’ drop down list. One of the actions is ‘fix image’, however, this images is always grayed out and so we cannot select it. How do you get that ‘fix image’ available?

Also, is that the quickest way to go about fixing an image?


The items in that Action menu are enabled depending on which diagnostic result is selected in the Image Doctor section. “Fix Image” will fix the image in different ways depending on what is selected (by changing the tolerance, the search type, etc.).

In the case you mentioned where the original image included the cursor, you’ll want to use “Recapture Image” or simply capture a new image with the same name to replace the faulty original.

Using the image doctor is definitely a convenient way to correct image finding errors. If you immediately know what the problem is you might be able to do it faster on your own, but the doctor should be a good starting point.

The “Fix Image” feature is used when one of the Doctor diagnostics finds the image (say by using Dynamic Tolerance). In that case you select the diagnostic and then choose “Fix Image” to have the doctor make that appropriate change to the image settings.

In situations (like the one you describe here) where you want to replace the existing image the correct course of action is one of these:
[list][]If the image is in the same spot as before select the Original Location in the doctor and choose Action->Recapture Image.
]If the image has moved you should go into capture mode on the Viewer Window, highlight the area, double click and save the image with the same name.[/list:u]