Why Eggplant could not run Data Driven Test with Calculator

Running the data driven test for Calculator app in Win7, I have a concern as below:
–> The result was successful but the script did not run the loop to enter values in Calculator app. Notice that Eggplant did not run the repeat loop.
Could anyone help explain? Thanks

  • Data file was located at: D:\EGGPLANT\DataDrivenTest.suite\Data\CalculatorData.txt
  • Eggplant script:
    repeat with theData = each line of file “D:\EGGPLANT\DataDrivenTest.suite\Data\CalculatorData.txt”
    TypeText item 1 of theData
    Click “Multiply_btn”
    TypeText item 2 of theData
    Click “Equal_btn”
    Click “Outputfield_tb”
    TypeText CommandKey,“a”
    TypeText CommandKey,“c”
    put remoteClipboard() into result
    if (result is not equal to item 3 of theData) then
    LogError "Got: " & result & ", " & item 1 of theData & " x " & item 2 of theData & "should be " & item 3 of theData
    end if
    end repeat