which to purchase?

i am running 3 macs and a windows XP machine. i want to be able to connect to any with my powerbook.
what type of licence should i go for or can anyone point me to a FAQ which tells me what the licenece would cost etc.

a newbie so please don’t be too hard on me! :shock:

You’ll need to install and run a VNC server on each machine that you want to remotely access. You can find VNC servers for pretty much any OS free of charge: Vine Server for Mac and RealVNC for XP to name a couple.

Once you have the Servers running on the other machines you will need to use a VNC viewer from your powerbook to establish a connection. You can purchase Vine Viewer for your Mac here:


I would recommend that you understand what VNC is and how to use it before you purchase a license. There is a lot of information posted in the forums in regards to usage, so please search before you ask. I would also recommend that you read the Vine Server FAQ and the Vine Viewer documentation. Both documents are accessible from the “Help” menu. You can request a trial license of Vine Viewer here:


Thanks for the reply.
so basically i need to purchase the licence for the viewer and the servers running are free?
i used to use vnc on windows ages ago but haven’t used it since i started using macs and only came across this site by accident.

Thanks it seems a little clearer now and the trial is helping me have three macs on the go all doing separate parts of a film i am making!
it’s ace and i will purchase the licenece i think. i am using the powerbook to co ordinate the others so i think i only require the one licence.
i doubt i will use i across the net, only on my network

Thanks for your help!

Dave :lol: