What types of applications are you testing?


I am just getting my feet wet with Eggplant. I was curious about the diversity of users we have in the community that are using Eggplant.

  • What type of products are you using Eggplant for? (ex. mobile, web, shelf software, gaming, etc.)

  • What sort of industry does your product fall under? (financial, entertainment, gaming, etc - feel free to name the product or not)

  • How long have you been using Eggplant?

  • Tips for a new user getting started?

As for me, on this current assignment, we are looking to automate regression testing and file loading for a web based financial accounting and investment portfolio management system.

Hey, good idea for a thread.

I’ve been using eggPlant for about 6 months now and enjoying the Sensetalk coding involved. I’m using it to automate a suite of regression tests for a Silverlight web application in the marketing industry. Although it occasionally it gets used to try and recreate some bugs on our email marketing website too.

As for a tip, I guess the most important thing is to make sure your tests are well thought about before you even touch eggPlant and aim to create those tests as well as you can.