What is "Upgrade" button in Suite. settings panel

I meet a strange problem here.
I have a suite which written in 4.01. Now when I use this with 4.12 version, I find all the script runresult can not find in Results folder, and I can not use Schedule panel to add script. And the “Upgrade” button in Suite. settings panel is usable. SO I click this, it pops out a dialog “Upgrade the suite to current version.” quickly.

But other suites written in 4.01 are fine, and their upgrade button is gray.

Is any setting I need to modify for the suit?
Thanks for your help!

It seems like something has happened to your suite; it may have lost it’s version number. We suspect that there may be a .corrupt file in it – if you zip up your suite and send it to us we can examine it and try to repair it.


You gives me a good suggestion, I create a new suite, then copy all the scripts, image to that new suite.
The new suite works fine now.