what is 'Pass Message and continue'

I am not getting difference between ‘Pass Message and continue’, ‘Pass Message without helping’ and Pass original Message to object by referring to sense talk document. I am not getting the intended use of these commands and in which case it will be useful.

In SenseTalk, a message is a command or function that tells your script (or some other object) to do something. For example, if you had the message TellTimeInLondon in your script, your script would look for a TellTimeInLondon handler and execute it.

Most of us do stuff like this all the time. The next part gets pretty advanced, and probably isn’t used by most testers…

Here’s where the message passing comes in: If you give your script access to handlers that are stored inside other scripts, then, the TellTimeInLondon handler in your current script might direct you to the TellTimeInLondon handler in a different script. That’s what pass message is for.

Once you have the basic idea of message passing, the variations in the SenseTalk reference manuals are easier to understand; but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy Scripting,
Pamela :slight_smile: