What do I need to do?

I’m setting up a system where I get my internet wirelessly from an outdoor antenna. The wire runs down to their access point which will be connected to a router that’s also outside. From the router I’ll run a wire to a second antenna that will shoot a signal to a computer 1/2 mile away. The router will also have a wire running into a switch in my house and from there into my home computer.

My ISP says I’ll be able to connect both computers thru the second antenna system, (thru the router and switch).

Do they need to configure the router or the switch in any special way to run the Vine software?

Do all I need to do on each computer is open port 5900?

I’ve installed Vine server in the home computer already and saw that port 5900 was opened.
Did the Vine server app do that when I installed it?


There are a few things to consider when configuring a system where you are shooting a signal to a secondary subnet solution.

Make sure both your routers are not blocking traffic on 5900-5909 ports.

Vine Server does not override your computer system or router defaults.

Turn off ARD if you have it enabled.

In your case, Vine Server will be running as either a system level service or as a user application. By default, Vine Server listens to port 5900. Most VNC Servers do also. The port used is configurable within Vine Server.

If you have Apple’s OS X firewall activated (turned on), and 5900 is not opened as an exceptional port, Vine Server will not get notification of requests to connect and supply screen images to a remote VNC Viewer (like Vine Viewer).

Please consult with the manuals for Vine Server, and Vine Viewer, as well as the manuals for your routers and the Apple firewall documents. Ensure all ports necessary are unblocked, and consult with your ISP if you continue to have problems.