Web-savvy Eggplant!

Check out the post in ‘Looking Ahead’ for the feature request… here’s a summary of what you can do now!

First off, have your Eggplant Server’s web sharing ‘on’, and in /Library/WebServer/Documents/ put symlinks to the various suites’ Results directories. MAKE SURE ALL PERMS ALLOW ‘READ’-ing BY THE WEB SERVER (www).

Now, users can browse the results by pointing their browsers to the suite name, and see the latest info on tests run, etc.

In addition, I provide a link to the ‘scripts’ directory, which allows you to browse the text of the script (to help reinforce/communicate the meaning of the results, etc.).

A custom script that does results gathering and HTML formatting is also an obvious component. I’ll post that file shortly, after I get it more bulletproof.

I will be really interested in the custom script. Thanks!