Web Interface for Configuration and Execution.

I had have this vision… of ponies and unicorns and of a Web Interface for setting params and then executing scripts!!!

I have this one script called ScriptParameters where I Define and Declare as much for my suite as I can. For example:

// Script Parameters
set the nextKeyDelay to 0.15
set the keyDownDelay to 0.2
set the shouldRepositionMouse to False
set the imageSearchTime to 60 seconds
set global buildID to “2.3053”

In my dreamy world I would have a web page that allows someone with permissions to set these parameters. (I can build the HTML no prob.) And execute a run!

FYI… I fire off all my scripts from a Master.script with scriptlist in it… so you really just need to execute that. Ohhh… And I would probably make others that contain lists of scripts for certain areas to be tested.

My goal is to have a Dashboard that a non-eggplanter can use to configure and fire off a run at will. That way they don’t have to learn Eggplant… or mess up my scripts!

See what I mean?

Any hints? Suggestions?

I think we have just the thing for you, or at least just the thing for you to start with.

Please take a look at [u]eggPlant Manager[/u]. It doesn’t do everything that you are looking for, but it does a lot. (Ponies and Unicorns not included)

We would be delighted if you would request an evaluation license to investigate further.