way to get the user Inputs

Hi all,

Is there any way to get user inputs. In my application I need to get the IP address of the m/c which I need to connect. After getting that I want to put that in a text file and use that in my scripts

You can get user input during a script run using the Ask and Answer commands (they’re documented in the last chapter of the SenseTalk Reference manual). To ask the user to enter an IP address, you could use a command like this:

ask "Enter the IP address:"
put it into IPAddress

To store the address the user entered in a file, you could then do:

put IPAddress into file "/path/to/IPAddressFile"

Accessing files is also covered in the SenseTalk Reference, in the “Working with Files and File Systems” chapter. Keep in mind, though, that file access is on the local (Eggplant) system. To work with files on the SUT, you’ll need to mount the SUT’s file system across the network or else script your file access through the user interface.