Wanting to use Vine VNC Viewer on Thumb Drive


I am interesting in buying Vine VNC Viewer since it appears to be the only VNC client that will do screen scaling for OS X but am concerned about the licensing and registration.

I want to be able to access by home computer from the university public computers. I SSH to my machine at home, and tunnel VNC through there. As such, I keep the SSH stuff (scripts, private key, etc) and the VNC software on my thumbdrive.

For Vine VNC Viewer, it appears that the registration is tied to the MAC address of the home computer. This wouldn’t work for me since I will end up using different machines all the time, and hence, different mac addresses.

Is there a solution?

The only current solution to this is to also have a portable WiFi card (like a USB or PCMCIA card) to plug in at the same time.

Our licenser will validate against any Network Interface connected to the machine (regardless of what network you actually use to do VNC connections).