VNC with Leopard and new 20" iMac - screen format not s

Hi all,
New person here, had a quick look around and haven’t seen any answers to my question, but I apologise if it’s already been answered.
Not sure if it’s the mac at fault or Leopard, when I try to vnc into my work computer using Terminal, as I always have done, it gives me an error saying ‘screen format not supported’.

Any ideas what this is about?

Many thanks in advance,

I’m sure it’s not the iMac but it may be a leopard change. Previously you could only do what you are talking about if you are already logged into the machine. (from the GUI) and not just SSHed in.

Try launching the server as root and see if that works any better (it may not).

I had this yesterday (on Leopard). It occurs when you start osxvnc-server as a different user to the one who is logged in on the screen. Running it as root (ie prefix the command with sudo) was a solution although I don’t like running things as root so I sshed back in as the user who was logged in at the screen which then also worked.

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