VNC To A Computer Using Dial-Up Possible?

I’m donating my iMac G3 to my father-in-law (his first PC). I was considering Vine/VNC as a way to help him out now and then. He will be using dial-up Internet access. Is is it possible for me to connect to him?

I use a cable modem with a Linksys wireless router. I’m in Iowa, he’s in New York.


It’s absolutely possible, but it will be slow. You will want to be sure to connect using 256 colors and it might help if he is running at a low resolution (like 640x480).

You will need to know his IP address which he can determine by launching the Server AFTER connecting using the Dial-Up and the looking on the first panel of Vine Server.

Thanks Johnathan. I tried connecting to the G3 while it’s still here on my local network. It did fine. So I bought the Viewer license on faith it would work for dial-up once my father-in-law has the computer.

Good tip about the resolution and number of colors.