VNC on Firewire ?

Hello !

It seems that controlling with VNC another computer (Mac to mac in my case) connected by Firewire (each Macintosh has Mac OS X 10.4.8 and a different IP address) is not possible. Only Ethernet connection is accepted. Does anyone can confirm this ?
P.S Classic file sharing works OK

Many thanks and have a good end of year !


There shouldn’t be any inherent problem using Vine over ANY IP connection, regardless of the physical layer.

We’ve run VNC fine over Firewire in the past although I can’t say that we’ve tried it recently.

Can you please describe your topology a little more and elaborate on what about it isn’t working?

Hello !

Thank you for the answer.

PowerMac G4 533 Mac OS X 10.4.8 directly connected by Firewire to an iMac Intel Mac OS X 10.4.8. Each one has an IP address like for the G4 and for the iMac Intel.
The Vine server lists the correct IP address of both Firewire and Ethernet ports on the G4 but it is impossible to connect from the iMac. It works great on Ethernet.
Altought I can connect via Appleshare on Firewire between the 2 Mac, I suspect a Firewire problem on my Macintosh and that’s why I contacted Apple about this and there are investigating the problem.
What I wanted to know is it is supposed to work on Firewire and you answered me on that point.
Many thanks !