VNC error caused after script not found error... but why?

I’m unable to figure out why Eggplant will not allow me to run tests when the VNC connection to my SUT is stable.

I first get an alert starting with “Couldn’t open script”… and this is followed by a failure of “Communication Error: Unable to contact server … (Operation Timed Out)”.

However, VNC’s staying stable, the SUT doesn’t have any popups on it, and basically there are no discernable reasons for the failure. Does the “couldn’t open script” lead to the communication or are they really 2 separate errors?

Thanks in advance for the help,

What is your configuration? OS X version ???, Eggplant version ???, OS X Vine Server version ???. Also, you may want to ensure permissions are set properly on the files/suite/scripts that your suite uses.

OSX 10.4.10
Eggplant Version 3.3 (1085)
Using in-house Vine solution.
All scripts/suites are already readable.

Would recommend complete copy of suite in question, archive (.zip) it with right click on desktop/finder. Send that to us if it is small enough 1-2 meg size max. If it is not that small, strip copy of unnecessary results, images. I’ll take a look at it once we have it, please send to

Definitely not possible due to my employer’s restrictions, NDA’s etc.

FYI - it works on all of my coworker’s setups that have tried - and that’s well over 10 people that I know of and most likely A LOT more.

Interesting. It sounds like permissions, or file system corruption. If it works on other 3.3 systems, and not on yours, please see about all folder permissions, ownership, and possibly corruption (make copies of known working suites instead of existing copies). The steps I would recommend.

  1. Reboot, and do a fsck if needed during boot (from single user if need be)
  2. Permissions and ownerships check.
  3. If files are remote mount, check network connectivity
  4. Ensure paths are accurate for helper suites
  5. Delete and recopy known working suites.
  6. Remove Eggplant 3.3 and reinstall of known workin Eggplant 3.3 dmg
  7. Reinstall OS and Eggplant 3.3 and license.


As an additional step, you might review your Console log. If there is a true VNC communication error you will see some evidence of that in there.

Also it would be helpful if you could try that scenario in Version 4.0 (Trial Key if necessary), to see if it’s something that was a bug but has been fixed. If you do that be sure to NOT upgrade you suites for the purpose of running this test. Even if you can’t upgrade at this time it could help us identify a workaround for you.

Thanks all,

As a note - the error was a bit off (not a script problem or a VNC problem of the type I expected) and it took someone telling me that the TIG was on the port reporting the error, not the actual VNC. I got that setup correctly, and voila.

Thanks again.