Virtualized solaris-SUT setup

We have SunOS 5.10 Generic_141415-07 which we use on windows via vnc client (we are using Real VNC server 4.1.3) and we will prefer to use eggplant-SUT setup in windows via virtualization. We see here that eggplant packages here are .deb and .rpm which our package managers are unable to install on solaris. Do we need to have ubuntu or redhat type variants? Could you please let us know about explicit steps for configuring such a set up for solaris machines?

Hi Vinit–

eggPlant requires the following Linux versions for the controller:

Ubuntu 8+
Debian 5+
Fedora 9+
RedHat 5+

The SUT can be a virtualized Solaris machine, provided it has a VNC server on it.

I hope this helps