VineViewer 3.0 lost Viewer Window Tools

I’ve been using Vine Viewer 3 since it came out. Just yesterday a thing happened that I can’t figure out how to fix. I’ve read the FAQs and help PDFs and have not found the answer yet.

I commonly use the Viewer Window Tools to switch between Observe and Live modes, and to frequently switch between ‘Full Size’ and ‘Scale to Fit’. But at some point last night the entire set of Viewer Window Tools disappeared from my Vine Viewer Window. I can still accomplish the same things with the menus, but that’s less convenient and doesn’t explain how the change happened. Now I have only a simple chrome bar as the top of the window, just a little bigger than big enough to surround the standard red, yellow and green circles on the left extreme end.
I figured that I must have accidentally typed a key combination that made it happen, so went looking in the help file and preferences for clues about how to undo the situation. But no luck so far.

Would greatly appreciate info on how to get back to the previous configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Click the little lozenge-shaped button in the upper right corner of the window.

Well, ofCOURSE, that works! :slight_smile:

What’s that little lozenge-shaped thing called, anyway?

Googling it, I see button, widget, and pillbox. I think of it as a lozenge. I don’t know what Apple calls it.

According to Apple’s human interface guidelines for Mac OS X, the oval button is called the “toolbar control”, which shows or hides the toolbar. The Mac help system does not include this term, however, and calls it the “oval toolbar button” or similar combinations of that term. Yes, I needed to look that up once!


Well, looking around I see that Firefox has one; Safari does not. Opera does not. iChat does not. Disk utility has one. Terminal does not. iTunes does not. VirusScan for Mac DOES have one.

So, my very informal, unscientific and possibly unrepresentative sampling of programs confirms my earlier impression that its not all that pervasive. I would recommend putting some reference to it and its associated actions (in Vine Viewer’s case) in the associated help documents.

I think most things with true toolbars have them. Mail, Finder, Preview, Automator, Activity Monitor, the Printer Client, Skype, and Adium (chat client), to name a few. So it’s not uncommon. Which is not to say we won’t look at mentioning it in the documentation.