Vine VNC does not work on the latest Macs


I have just bought a brand new mac yesterday (the cheapest iMac) and I was surprise that Vine VNC was not working!

Here is the symptoms:
_ screen capture is really slow (1 each 3s) and I made the test from the localhost

I am not alone in this case, since some Mac users of ScreenToaster (recording service using VNC) have reported the same problem.

By using Intruments to analyze Vine VNC threads, I have ping-pointed that the access to the video data seems to slow down the server.

Perhaps in the latest Mac, there is a new graphical chipset with hardware acceleration?

I looked in the code and saw that screen data are accessed through the base video pointer. This could be the problem, since video card won’t give access to the memory when it does hardware acceleration.

The best way to capture the screen is to tell the video card to copy screen data from VRAM to VRAM and to work on the screen copy (or to transfer it to the RAM).

VLC does something like that to cpature screen, using OpenGL.

Is there someone working on porting Vine to latest Macs ? If so, I could help. If not, we will work on it in the upcoming weeks.

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We don’t happen to have one of those newer Macs in at the moment – if you have one, and the latest source of Vine Server please feel free to jump in on the problem. If you send me a patch (or even just your working source). I promise to fast-track that into a new release of Vine Server.

Send that to jonathan@[name-of-this-company].com

Thanks for looking into it!