Vine viewer sold separately?

Hi, In your store Vine viewer and server are sold together.
I need only the viewer, and 30$ only for it is too much.

The question is, you sold the viewer separately?

Thanks in advance.


Our entire team works hard to ensure that Vine Viewer is the best VNC Viewer on the market. With tens of thousands happy customers using Vine Viewer we are sure we are doing something right in function and price.

As for Vine Server, it is FREE and given away as part of the distribution. We do this as a courteous gesture to our dedicated and loyal customers. Redstone also has Vine Server for FREE online as well seperately.

We hope you change your mind and purchase Vine Viewer, we’ll even toss in the FREE Vine Server.


I appreciate this software, otherwise i don’t need to ask if you sold it separately…

I will use this software one or two times in a month, for this reason 30$ for me is too much.