Vine Viewer regularly crashing

Since I first downloaded and registered Vine Viewer 1.2 three days ago, it has crashed 5 times, with EXC_BAD_ACCESS in cpu_capabilities.h, typically when idling (i.e. with connections open but in the background). I’m running Mac OS X 10.4.10 on a PPC G5 iMac. Here’s the traceback from the most recent crash:

[Crash Report Attached]

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that when I copy even just a tiny scrap of text in a window connected to a Vine Server instance through ssh to another machine, there’s a great big pause, fully 60 seconds long, during which Vine Viewer grinds to a halt. What’s that all about? Also, copy/paste doesn’t seem to work in going from a Vine Server session on a Mac to a VNC session on a Solaris SPARC machine (though the reverse does work, and kudos for the way you’ve handled the X Window cut-paste buffer).

Another tiny quibble: is there no way to get rid of the unused scrollbars on full-size (zoomed) windows? Or for that matter, in smaller windows with “Scale to Fit” selected?

We aren’t seeing that behavior here – if you could actually send your entire crash report to our support email address that might be helpful.

Long Delay On Clipboard action over SSH:
That’s surprising, we do exchange data when pasteboard actions occur but it should be pretty small unless you actually go to paste something large.

Copy To Linux VNC:
Again, this should be working fine – make sure that you are connecting to a desktop server and not a system server (which doesn’t share the Clipboard)

Unused Scrollbars:
They are stuck on at the moment I’m afraid. I’ll see if we can easily add something to turn them off.

The client crashes for me a couple times a day. The server will also quit accepting connections and drop the current connection.

To restart, I reconnect to Apple’s built-in vnc server (5900) and then click on the “Stop Server” / “Start Server” buttons (there really only needs to be one if the purpose toggled instead of greying it out) and then reconnect to 5901.

I’m running 2.2 of the server and 1.2 for the client. When I reset the server, it has message that the resolution has changed.

Please send your Vine Viewer Crash Report file located in file://~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ to our support email so we can try to determine what is causing the problem.

We aren’t seeing that behavior here – if you could actually send your entire crash report to our support email address that might be helpful.[/quote]

I’m sending it now.

Update: I’ve seen no crashes since the 11th, but neither have I been able to connect to the Vine Server running on my other machine at home. The server is running Mac OS X 10.4.10 also, and Vine Server 2.1. I was previously running OSXvnc on the server, set up to only allow local connections, so I had to ssh to the machine, tunneling the VNC port. After turning off OSXvnc, I started Vine Server, and was able to bypass the ssh tunnel step, at first. This is when Vine Viewer was crashing. Now, I can still connect via an ssh tunnel, but the session is read-only.

After reviewing the logs carefully we have determined that the crashes are caused by the APE framework used by Haxies from -
WindowShade X
Menu Extra Enabler

To correct that you will need to mark Vine Viewer (and Vine Server) to be excluded from APE modification and re-install them with a fresh download:

The system running the server doesn’t have APE installed. I assume your contention is that the client system with APE is corrupting the server such that it requires a restart?

Well, not necessarily, the server should be pretty insulated from anything sent by the client, but it is hard to duplicate if you are having problems on both sides. So there are probably two issues here and I was primarily addressing the crash report which had been posted.

If you could describe your Vine Server usage (are you running multiple desktops, are multiple clients connecting, etc) we may be better able to isolate the Vine Server issue as well.