vine viewer not connecting on osx leopard

I downloaded the trial version of vine viewer to compare with chicken of the vnc. Chicken of the VNC is connecting fine. Vine is not (connection timed out). I have gone over all the connection settings several times with a fine tooth comb and can’t figure out why vine viewer won’t connect. Is there a problem with Mac OSX Leopard, in addition to Snow Leopard?

I am connecting (or trying) to a LINUX server, located outside my network. The session requires that I specify a screen number, which I am using as “display name.”

Any ideas why chicken of the vnc may work and not vine?

Vine definitely connects just fine to Leopard (and to Snow Leopard machines too).

If you are using the display number at the end of the host name with a colon then Vine doesn’t currently support that format, instead just explicitly specify the port number, which is 5900 + the display number.

So, myLinuxMachine:3 on some VNC viewers means Server: myLinuxMachine and Port: 5903 on Vine Viewer.

The 5900+55 did the trick. Thanks!

Time to play… :slight_smile: