Vine Viewer cannot display Mac TV output

I’m unable to see the remote screen image of a VNC coonected mac mini running a video converter dongle (Viewer sees ‘880 x 600 16’) for TV screens. This is interlaced vs non interlaced - does anyone have a workaround suggestion? The wireless network connection is adequate 1024down/256up. The resolution out of the Apple converter dongle is hardwired for video. Any suggestions appreciated!


Gilbert :cry:

I’m a little confused – is the mac outputting a TV signal (like to a second monitor) or reading in a video signal and showing that in a window?

Thanks Jonathan
to clarify - the remote mac mini is playing a 800 x 600 Keynote loop out through an Apple DVI to video converter dongle/plug adapter. Interestingly when I send command-option-escape the desktop screen displayed is absolutely OK (non-interlaced). I’ll send you a screen grab by seperate email FYI showing the interlaced screen display issue.