Vine Viewer bugs and feature suggestion


I’d like to report a couple of problems with Vine Viewer:

1- When choosing to restart a Windows XP computer (running the TIghtVNC server) from Vine Viewer, certain problems arise in the application. Vine Viewer first disconnects from the remote computer, but then tries to reconnect; this often (but not always) leads to a freeze or a crash of Vine Viewer. This may also happen when connecting to another VNC server on a Mac or Windows machine, but I have only tested with TightVNC on a Windows XP PC.

2- I have seen the Windows menu being strangely displayed, with lots of wasted white spaces, which made the menu needlessly long. However, I have not found out how to consistently replicate that problem. I just wanted to mention it, and will write again if I find out how to reliably recreate the bug.

Also, I would have a suggestion for a future version of the application:

  • Would it be possible to have a preference for viewing multiple remote desktops in the same window instead of separate windows? I have to control 6 different computers from my main Mac and it would be nice to not always have 6 windows open in Vine Viewer. Maybe there could be an option to have a small popup menu in the viewer toolbar, and from that menu you could choose which of the connected machines you want to view in the window. Ideally, there could still be a way to view each machine in a different window (like the current version), which is sometimes more convenient.

We are currently compiling a collection of fixes into a 1.1 release of Vine Viewer. Hopefully we can resolve the two issues you are seeing.

As far as multiple viewers within a window, we won’t have this for 1.1 but we’ll keep that idea in mind for a future release.