Vine Server, very very basic question

Apologies if this is an incredibly dumb question but I had the following query: if I shut down vine server on my host machine (which is a Mac), I’m still able to make a VNC connection from my remote machine using vine viewer. I’m assuming this is because Apple remote management continues to be enabled in the sharing preferences and viner viewer connects through port 5900. However, when I scan for open ports on my network (my remote machine connects to the internet via a router with a static IP), 5900 doesn’t appear but 22 does. I don’t see how I can be making an SSH connection if viner server is closed and I know I don’t have any other open SSH connections at the moment. Can anyone explain (and again, sorry if I’m missing something really obvious)?

Port 22 will be open if you have SSH enabled (and the ssh daemon running).
On the Mac that is the “Remote Login” option under System Preferences->Sharing. That can happen completely outside of any VNC servers running or not.

However if you are getting a VNC connection through SSH then definitely a VNC server is running somewhere. From your description it could be ARD or it could be Vine Server. You might not detect the VNC port (590x) depending on your firewall settings and how you did the port scan.

You might check and make sure you aren’t running a Vine SYSTEM Server (which runs on machine startup). If so it will have a checkbox in the menu.