Vine Server System Server Window Improvements

  1. The “Restart System Server” button is too small for the label - the last “r” being truncated.

  2. The words “The System server is running” could be shown in green (for go) and the reverse in red (for no go) so long, of course, as it is aesthetically pleasing and matches your design standards. A possible alternative would be a coloured icon as used in Apple’s “Network” Preferences - specifically “Network Status”.

  3. There is inconsistancy in the notes and labels - “System Server” and “system server” being used.

  4. There seems little point allowing one to change the size of the window. Indeed, if one does it makes a right mess of the contents if one makes the window smaller than it should be. This certainly needs fixing - literally.

1 - Fixed.

2 - Great suggestion, we’ll see if we can throw that in there.

3 - Fixed.

4 - Fixed.

These will all be part of the 3.1 release.