Vine Server SSH server startup

Mac OSX 10.5.2, setup Vine Server 3.0 to start up as system service and each time I check the Require SSH and reboot, the Require SSH is unchecked.

I have to manually check it and restart the service.

Any ideas or what other information would be usefull to help troubleshoot this.

This is a known bug in Vine Server 3.0, we should have a new version out very shortly that corrects that little issue.

Around a month on I hope “very shortly” is soon as I’d like to connect using SSH as I understand that is more secure to run a VNC connection through.

This tweak is fixed in the 3.1Beta which has been out for a while now, we wanted to go through a full beta of 3.1 to make sure we had gotten all the issues.


When will 3.1 be out? (I see “very shortly” was said nearly four months ago.) I’ll buy Vine Viewer when it is.