Vine Server and Windows??


First and foremost, thank you for building great software!!

Now for the question. I am currently running Vine Server 2.0 on OSX 10.4.8. I am able to connect to this computer from other macs across the net, however; when I try to connect from my Windows PC at work I am unable to connect. I get mostly timed out errors. I have tried the built in Remote Desktop software built into Windows, I have tried RealVNC viewer, TightVNC, and VNCviewer from the windows machine and none of them will connect? Any ideas? From the same problem PC I am able to remote out to other PCs over the net without problems, so it doesn’t appear to be any problem with that computer. And from the home Mac I am able to access it over the internet from other Macs so it appears the ports are opened properly? So at this point I am completely stumped. From what I read thru google, this forum, and all the other VNC software sites; it is supposed to be possible for Windows and OSX to VNC without problems. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. As I am pulling my hair out at this stage. :slight_smile:

Here is the output from the server log:

2006-12-02 03:20:32 -0600	Starting Vine Server Version 2.0
-rfbport 5900 -desktop DreamStatic -alwaysshared -disableScreenSaver -restartonuserswitch N -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -swapButtons -rendezvous Y -rfbauth /Users/dreamstatic/Desktop/Vine

2006-12-02 03:20:33.562 OSXvnc-server[3079] Arguments: -rfbport 5900 -desktop DreamStatic -alwaysshared -disableScreenSaver -restartonuserswitch N -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -swapButtons -rendezvous Y -rfbauth /Users/dreamstatic/Desktop/Vine 
2006-12-02 03:20:35.958 OSXvnc-server[3079] Main Bundle: /Users/dreamstatic/Desktop/Vine
2006-12-02 03:20:35.964 OSXvnc-server[3079] Loading Bundle /Users/dreamstatic/Desktop/Vine
2006-12-02 03:20:36.186 OSXvnc-server[3079] Keyboard Loading - Disabled
2006-12-02 03:20:36.186 OSXvnc-server[3079] Press Modifiers For Character - Disabled
2006-12-02 03:20:36.199 OSXvnc-server[3079] Running in Big Endian
2006-12-02 03:20:36.204 OSXvnc-server[3079] Waiting for clients
2006-12-02 03:20:36.206 OSXvnc-server[3079] Registering Rendezvous Service(_rfb._tcp.) - DreamStatic
2006-12-02 03:20:36.207 OSXvnc-server[3079] Rendezvous(_vnc._tcp) - Disabled
2006-12-02 03:20:36.212 OSXvnc-server[3079] IPv6: Started Listener Thread on port 5900
2006-12-02 03:20:36.213 OSXvnc-server[3079] Started Listener Thread on port 5900
2006-12-02 03:20:49.652 OSXvnc-server[3079] Protocol version 3.8

Did I stump everyone? :slight_smile: Well, I guess I won’t be so frustrated with myself if the developers are stumped as well.

Hi there DreamStatic,

I just came across your post on these forums yesterday. For what it’s worth, I was having the same (or very similar) problems connecting to my Mac running Vine Server 2.1 - connecting from my Windows PC at work. It was quite frustrating! :x

However, I remembered running some VNC server on this Mac earlier - and connecting successfully from Windows at that point. I was unable to connect using RealVNC, etc - but am able to connect now using the UltraVNC viewer (

I hope this helps…