Vine Server and leopard built-in "share screen"

During the Vine Beta, I could see my other computer’s vine server name in the Finder Sidebar and click “share screen” to access it.

That’s gone with the final version ?
Any reasons why? That was pretty useful for quick connections :slight_smile:

As far as the shared computers showing up…

Bonjour advertising is still there (and has been for a couple of years) although it can be disabled in the preferences. A few things to note – it will only register a single server with the same name (so if they share a name or conflict with the Apple name for the computer you won’t see both).

As it relates to connecting with Leopard’s “Share screen feature”. Despite the fact that Apple has chosen to operate on the VNC allocated 5900 port neither their client nor the server is truly VNC compliant. Their screen sharer will not control Vine Server (or any other VNC server). If that was working in the beta you must have been connecting to the built in server.

I was connecting to Vine Server, I know for sure because the built in was turned off and, my VNC server uses a different name than my computer. I could see both the VNC server that had the Share Screen button, and my computer that only had the “connect as” button for file sharing.

Anyway I was just curious as to why it no longer appeared in the side bar.

I have Bonjour advertising disabled in prefs and in logs I see “-rendezvous N” flag used, however, I still see Vine Server in the Shared section of the sidebar even with the final version. It is on the same computer, on which VNC server runs, though. I do not have a second Mac to see if it will show up there. I can connect to it with built-in Screen Sharing app.

I just wanted to chime in to say that I have been able to use Leopard’s screen sharing app to control TightVNC, UltraVNC and Vine servers (locally and across the Internet).

Ok, there is a confirmed problem with Vine Server 3.0 not disabling Bonjour(Rendezvous) advertising when requested. That is fixed for the next release.

Leopard Screen Sharing has a bug that sometimes prevents it from connecting to VNC servers (as we were seeing) but we have since gotten it connected to Vine Server so it can be done.

I am only able to connect to vine server via Apple’s Screen if a password is setup for the server. It appears, not knowing Apple’s code, that Apple is requiring a password be present in some fashion, or the lack of a password is prompting it to do something else.

So to recap if you want to connect to Vine Server using Apple’s Screen, use authentication on Vine Server. (At least for now)

I also look forward to Vine Server obeying the no bonjour flag.


The Bonjour flag is fixed for the next release (3.01).

As a workaround if you add “-bonjour N” to the “Command Line Arguments” field under Preferences->Advanced then it should properly disable advertising.

And for those starting from the command line…

-rendezvous n -bonjour n

Thanks for helping out…