Vine Server 3.1b2 + 10.6.1 Screen Sharing = white screen?

I have two Xserve G5s, running Mac OS X 10.5.8 (one running Server, the other running workstation), both with multiple active local logins, using fast user switching. Each login runs Vine Server 3.1b2, set up to listen on a unique port. This allows me to have multiple “virtual user” sessions on each of the two boxes.

It’s been working great, until I upgraded my client machine to Snow Leopard. Now, using the built-in “Screen Sharing” application to access VNC sessions on either of the Xserves, most of the time I get a blank white screen. Sometimes it works perfectly. It’s very sporadic.

Any ideas?

Please see the announcement here:

That post deals with Vine Viewer on 10.6. I’m running Vine Server on 10.5, trying to access it using the built-in Screen Sharing app on 10.6. I’m not using Vine Viewer at all.

Not totally sure but given your description it sounds like a problem with the 10.6 Screen Sharing app.

You might try upgrading to either 3.1 (Released version) or [url=]3.11 Beta and see if that helps. If not you might try a different VNC Viewer like Vine Viewer 3.1 and see if it works better for you.