Vine Server 3.0 : i key is ignored on french keyboard

I’ve installed Vine Server 3.0 on my brand new Mac working with Leopard.
My need is to get remote control of my home computer from my business computer which works with WXP.

On WXP I’m using UltraVNC which is a free version of VNC.

All is working perfectly except that typing the ‘i’ or ‘I’ key is ignored. And I don’t find the reason. A friend of mine who has the same configuration has the same issue.

The client machine is a laptop with a french standard keyboard.
The remote machine is a Mac with a french wireless Mac keyboard.

I have no options in UltraVNC about keyboard keys.
On the Vine server side, I tried with US and “Unicode Hex Input”, it works for the ‘i’ key but I have too much problems with other keys because of the diffrence between french and US keyboard layouts.

Note that according to my friend, this issue did not occurred with previous version of Vine Server.

Does anyone could help ?
Thanks for your support.


Previous version of Vine Server only supported the US-101 keyboard configuration.

Using the new “Current Keyboard” there is an issue with a select few key mappings (like the i key on Belgian/French keyboards and the b key on German keyboards) that is solved by a forthcoming patch to Vine Server.


Any progress about this ?
I’m experiencing the same issue with Vine Server 3.11.
Btw, Vine Server looks like being GPL-licensed. Where can I grab its source code ?

Sorry for the delay – the source for Vine Server is freely available for download at SourceForge

Please note that although the latest BINARY on SourceForge is still 3.0 ALL of the latest source is available through the repository.