Vine Server 2.2 vs. Quicksilver

A little bug report. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place for it.

I have Quicksilver set to activate when pressing the Command key. In Vine Server 2.1, this caused no problems. I’m using TightVNC on WinXP as a viewer.

After upgrading to 2.2, Quicksilver no longer comes up when I hit the Command key (Alt on Windows). It seems to just ignore it. Using the Command key in combination with others still works fine (e.g. CMD-S to save, etc.).

So for now I’ve just downgraded to 2.1 and I’m happy :slight_smile:

Hi and thank you for the pointer to a cool app, and a problem with Vine Server 2.2. We have tested and verified that it looks to be a Vine Server 2.2 issue, as indeed able to duplicate the behaviour you state and appreciate your input. It seems command-command is filtered. We’ll be taking a look at this in a future release. You can always use the Vine Viewer (hint hint if you use OS X for a client) to submit bugs, or directly to us at bugs@…

In the meantime, 2.1 is your best bet.


This can be corrected in Vine Server 2.2 by adding the following argument in your “Advanced->Other Arguments” field (or your command line if you start-up from a shell).


This allows you to take advantage of most of the bug fixes in 2.2.

Yes indeed, that did the trick. Vine Server 2.2 now allows the activation of QuickSilver with the “command-command” sequence in Vine Viewer. I hope this solves other VNC viewer’s troubles.