Vine 4.0 command-line shift-key problem on OSX 10.8


I’m having some trouble using Vine VNC server 4.0 when launched via the command-line on OSX 10.8.

It seems to work great when launched via the Vine GUI, but when launched via command-line with the same parameters, the SHIFT key doesn’t seem to work in the resulting session. Here, for example, are the two processes–the top launched via GUI, and the bottom launched via command-line:

  501   517   345   0  5:46PM ??         0:00.79 /Applications/Vine -rfbport 5903 -desktop ausdev-mac-mini -donotloadproxy -rfbauth /Users/sherrimn/.vinevncauth -alwaysshared -disablescreensaver -restartonuserswitch N -unicodekeyboard 0 -keyboardloading n -pressmodsforkeys n -eventtap 3 -eventsource 2 -swapbuttons -rendezvous y
  501   521   520   0  5:47PM ttys001    0:00.05 /Applications/Vine -rfbport 5943 -desktop ausdev-mac-mini -donotloadproxy -rfbauth /Users/sherrimn/.vinevncauth -alwaysshared -disablescreensaver -restartonuserswitch N -unicodekeyboard 0 -keyboardloading n -pressmodsforkeys n -eventtap 3 -eventsource 2 -swapbuttons -rendezvous y

Connecting via port 3 provides a good shift-key experience, whereas port 43 does not (e.g. in Terminal)–it just doesn’t seem to register the shift key. On the client side I’ve tried tightVNC and RealVNC, from a Windows 7 PC with a US keyboard.

Can anyone see something I’m doing wrong, or that I might want to try? Thanks in advance!