Vim Syntax Highlighting File for Sensetalk / Eggplant

Has anyone created or found a vim syntax highlighting file for Sensetalk / Eggplant? We have several people that like to write their Egglpant scripts using vim instead of the Eggplant script editor, and it would be great to have a vim syntax highlighting file for the Eggplant code.

Even if such a file exists, it could only make the file pretty, it couldn’t replicate the actual coloration of SenseTalk, since that relies on the compiler to determine each word’s role in the code. For example:

put "go" into stop
put stop

and that doesn’t include the distinction between bold and standard text.

As Matt correctly pointed out, the colorization done by the eggPlant script editor is rather sophisticated, being driven by the SenseTalk engine itself. This makes it a valuable tool for understanding how SenseTalk is interpreting each command, which can be very helpful in learning the language and also in troubleshooting problems.

That being said, if people will be using a different editor anyway, then even some limited coloring would probably be nicer than none at all. We don’t provide syntax files for vim or other editors, but if you develop one you are welcome to share it here in this forum for the benefit of others using that editor.