Viewer windows repeat themselves

  1. I am testing the VNC connection. When I open the connection to the Vine Server, using Vine Viewer, I can see my screen in the new window, but then another window opens, and another…

What setting is incorrect that allows the viewer window to multiply over and over.

Note: I am using Lighthouse to do port mapping.

  1. When I select SSH from the Vine Server, the IP addresses do not turn green. I believe it was mentioned in another post that this is normal due to a bug. Am I correct? I tried using Terminal to determine SSH connection, but it didn’t show success.

So, how do I eliminate the repeating viewer window, and can I complete an SSH connection. Again, the SSH connection will use Lighthouse to open the port for the server. I’m testing this for a situation where the router will be inaccessible.

For the multiple window mirror effect you need to be certain to connect to a VNC server that is running in a DIFFERENT user account than the viewer is running in. So you either need to establish the connection from an entirely different machine, or you need to run the VNC server in a different user session. For more information on different sessions read here:

For SSH connections please refer to page 15 of the Vine Server document.