Viewer window bug in Vine Viewer

Here’s another bug in Vine Viewer that I’d like to report. This has been tested with a Windows XP computer running TightVNC as the remote VNC server. In Vine Viewer, the local cursor option is set to “none”, so that only the remote cursor is visible. Here are the steps to reproduce:

  • Open a connection window in Vine Viewer, then switch to another application and Hide Others so that Vine Viewer will become hidden.

  • Switch back to Vine Viewer and click somewhere on the remote desktop in the open Viewer window. The mouse pointer should disappear or become frozen. You have to close and reopen the Viewer window in order to gain back control of the cursor.

We will try to have this fixed within the next patch. Thanks for finding this one for us!

I can confirm that this is corrected in Vine Viewer 1.1, now available for download.