Viewer ssh improvements that would be nice

Two things which I’d find helpful for ssh support in the viewer, which I can’t find in 3.0 but may well have overlooked:

  1. If you tell the viewer that you don’t want it to remember your ssh password in the connection list, the next time you use that connection it doesn’t do something useful like prompt you for the password, it throws an error: “ssh askpass: exec(/usr/libexec/ssh-askpass): No”.

  2. I see no way to specify using a certificate to authenticate instead of a password. I realize that that I could use ssh to setup a tunnel and then use the viewer to connect to the local port, but that’s…well…a bother.


We’ll certainly look into adding more SSH capabilities.

Just FYI if you are handy with SSH you can modify the SSH configuration settings used by your Vine Viewer by editing the file in