Viewer 1.2 wont clear error state

After a connection received an error it got stuck on stupid. I could not reconnect to that server even after the error condition was remedied. I had to quit Viewer and relaunch. Then it worked fine.

Client: iBook G4, 1ghz, OSX 4.10
Server: Powermac G4 sawtooth, 800mhz, OSX 4.10
Viewer: 1.2
Server: OSXvnc 1.71

I believe the error was caused when the G4 (server) dropped its wifi. But I don’t recall the error string. I will forward it if/when it happens again.

Hello to all Vine Viewer/Server folks.

We love that you enjoy our software, and for the price it is a nice little package to include in your arsenal of /Applications. Please upgrade to Vine Viewer 1.2 and Vine Server (OSXvnc) 2.2. These are the most recent releases, and are more stable than previous offerings.

Thanks again!